19 Feb 2016


Testimonial I

“As a state and federal court appointed receiver, I have been appointed by courts to take possession of hundreds of properties across the country. Many of these properties are distressed, partially constructed, in need of substantial rehabilitation and/or require significant code compliance work. I have also been engaged in the management, leasing and/or sale of most of these properties. For many years, Daniel Collins and his team have been a vital component of my receivership success. His in-depth knowledge of construction, property management, tenant improvement, entitlements and brokerage experience, coupled with his efficiency and professionalism, have proven to be invaluable assets to the services I provide.

I look forward to working with Mr. Collins for many years to come when addressing troubled, complex and difficult asset types.”

Stephen J. Donell, CCIM, CPM President FedReceiver, Inc.


“Dan has been one the best brokers I have worked with! He’s very detailed oriented, a rarity in the real estate world during my 35 years of experience. He is always willing to step in and help manage tenant issues and maintenance issues when I need a hand too. He is competent in his counsel, a good communicator and a strong advocate. I would recommend him without qualification.”

Roger Huddlestone, HDT Real Estate Fund


“Daniel Collins has written a valuable book for anyone: professional or non-professional to understand how probate and trust administration operates in the United States.  Every State will have its particular Probate laws and guidelines what Probate & Trust Administration Tip & Tricks provides is a useful road map to maneuver through the complex administration process.  This book is a helpful guide and reference in my practice as a California Licensed Professional Fiduciary as well as for persons stepping into a position as a private or court appointed Administrator for the first time.  A fiduciary should always be thinking about liability risk, how to minimize the risks, and what decisions should be made to protect and preserve Estate assets.  Management of an Estate no matter the size is subject to the balancing between liability risk and asset preservation, the information in this book provides understanding to professional or non-professional fiduciaries how to perform their duties so risk is minimized.  I highly recommend reading this book before beginning Probate or Trust administration.”

Debra Rose, JD, CLPF

Owner, Rose Trust & Fiduciary, Folsom California


“Dear Daniel, I can’t thank you enough for your expert assistance in this matter.   This latest letter on my behalf to get my attorney fees reimbursed is above and beyond, and something completely unexpected.

I actually am amazed they responded so quickly!  After the tone of Collette’s letter I wasn’t hopeful, but FATCO’s attorney finally got it right, as he did with demanding closing of escrow and release of all our funds.  

From your initial locating of Dad’s 2nd mortgage, which saved us $2,500 on that ridiculous form escrow proposed, to taking the time and effort to reach out to Collette and FATCO on my behalf is something I will never forget. 

It is friends/professionals like you that are the best in life.

All my best to you always,”

Linda Barber, Trustee

Palm Desert, CA


“Receivership? What the heck is a Receivership? Well it’s a life saver is what it is.  When my father passed he was a small business owner in a business that uses heavy equipment.  I had my hands full, and didn’t know where to turn. I had Ex-Wives, Widows and more laying claims to whatever they thought they could get their hands on. When my Trust attorney suggested a Receivership, I was confused and concerned.  I did not understand how it worked, and was terrified to turn over the power of our small company to a complete stranger.  Trusting my attorneys, I said, OK let’s do this.  He said it will protect you and your beneficiaries.  Within a few days, I met Dan Collins and felt instantly at ease.  He understood our concerns, listened to me gripe and complain and worry.  The main reason for the receivership was to have some assistance in selling our small company.  The sale of the company fell through pretty quickly, but Dan was there to help me.  I called in a panic, NOW WHAT do I do?  He calmed me down and progressed into assisting me with the next step.. Dan was available to me day and night, and yes even sometimes the 5:00 am text message. He walked me through all types of issues and trust me in my case we have had plenty to choose from.  Heavy Equipment that had Emission issues in California, false claims on tools and equipment, a devious landlord, bills piling up, pending customer contracts, and needed to move out of an old shop full of used equipment. Dan walked me through each transaction.  I could go on and on.  However, the most important piece of the receivership, is knowing someone has your back, knowing that the decisions you are making are legal, and knowing you can rely on someone when you don’t know where else to turn.  I trust my Fed-Receiver and though he is not quite done helping me out yet, I know he will be there for me, and my father’s trust business issues till everything is resolved.   Don’t be afraid my friends. There are actually people out there who care! Dan Collins is one of them.”

Darleah Cox, Trustee

Oroville, CA


“I have worked at several start-up companies in the Silicon Valley area, and when I support a client, I always strive to treat the individual or business as family.  Like many of us, in addition to a strong knowledge base, trust and honesty are qualities that we look for in a professional relationship, but do not always find.  One always hears stories about people who have been taken advantage of by slick telemarketers, greedy family members, or businesses in general, and as a result, it can put one in a constant fear of facing the same situation. I was first introduced to Dan through an attorney.  I had taken over a family trust which had several issues that were beyond my area of expertise.  I had reached out to Dan to assist me with listing and selling a commercial property.  While I do have a strong business background and understanding of general matters, there are many facets of that trust that I was not experienced in.    After sitting with Dan, I found we share many of the same values enabling me to put my mind at ease.  Together we tackled and unraveled the mysteries of the trust and its multiple amendments.

I always value customer service, and his commitment to his clients goes beyond expectations.  Many of us have this wealth of knowledge that can benefit others, but few take the time to share with others. He went out of his way to find solutions, often reaching out to fellow colleagues to help me though this difficult situation.  What started out as a business relationship, developed into a solid working relationship and friendship.  Through this relationship, I developed a curiosity for trusts and have taken it upon myself to learn more about estate planning, and trusts.  Dan has written this in such a simple way, that I have used it as a guide, and I recommend to anyone who will or have been put in similar situations – it has revealed many hidden truths of what to expect. 

Congratulations Dan!”

Adrianne Kordelos, CFO and Trustee

Roseville, CA