18 Feb 2016


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ABOUT COLLINS COMMERCIAL: Established in 2002, Collins Commercial is owned by and managed by Dan Collins in Sacramento, California.  Dan offers investment real estate advisory and transaction services based upon his 35 years of national brokerage experience in commercial and multi-family real estate sales and leasing.  Unlike many real estate advisors who have never owned or managed their own property, Dan has owned and managed his own income properties since the 1980’s, so he understands the challenges. He is a licensed real estate broker and also a licensed general contractor in the State of California. Dan has an extensive background in developing structures from the ground up in property classes that include residential single family, multi-family, suburban office and industrial/flex projects from entitlements through construction.  He also has extensive experience in re-purposing functionally obsolete properties, such as Live/Work for artist conversions of functionally obsolete industrial buildings.

MISSION STATEMENT: My mission and my promise to my clients is to help small and medium sized investors who want to grow their real estate portfolio through value added services to acquire, stabilize and maximize property performance in order to trade and grow the value and income from their real property investments.

RECEIVERSHIP SERVICES and PROPERTY MANAGEMENT SERVICES: COLLINS COMMERCIAL is an affiliate providing receivership administration services to the Superior Court as a Receiver Administrator with Stephen J. Donell of Los Angeles who is President of Fed Receiver and Jalmar Properties, Inc., AMO®.  Dan’s receivership cases with Stephen Donell include special asset servicing, construction completion and entitlements, judgment enforcement, gas stations, office, licensed care homes, HOA’s, industrial, multi-family asset classes and businesses in probate and trust estates in both Northern California and Nevada.